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Frontend-only development environment

If you want to only make changes on the UI, you don't need a backend running from source. You can user the docker-compose install with a few customizations.


  • Node (any recent version should work, we use 16.x to build)
  • Make (again, any recent version should work)
  • Docker and docker-compose


  1. Clone the git repo from

  2. In the cloned repository, follow the docker-compose installation instructions here

  3. Add the following entry to your .env file:

    This will cause authentik to use the beta images.

  4. Add this volume mapping to your compose file

    version: "3.2"

    # [...]
    # [...]
    - ./web:/web
    - ./local.env.yml:/local.env.yml

    This makes the local web files and the config file available to the authentik server.

  5. Run docker-compose up -d to apply those changes to your containers.

  6. cd web

  7. Run npm i and then npm run watch to start the build process.

You can now access authentik on http://localhost:9000 (or https://localhost:9443).

You might also want to complete the initial setup under /if/flow/initial-setup/.